You may believe the winter frost and cold temperatures have killed all those destructive pests, but that is rarely the case. Termites are quite resourceful to preserve their lineage. The snow may be blowing, but the termites have endured for over 120 million years, so a little cold weather will not be their demise.

Where Termites Hide in the Winter

The most typical termites in Iowa are Subterranean Termites. These pests get their name from the far reaching underground colonies they construct. During the winter, the termites will tunnel through the ground below the frost line to keep the colony warm and safe through the winter. As the colony grows so does the need for additional food sources. The termites are constantly looking for new resources to satisfy the hunger brood.  

The termite nest consists of mud tunnels and chambers that may contain a million or more and cover up to 12,000 square feet. The termites are highly secretive and prefer an access point that is not easily found upon inspection. They are able to fit through an 1/8” crack in concrete slabs, fireplace hearths, expansion joints, or even floor tiles or planks to get to wall framing wood.  Once a tunnel leads to a food source in your home, the other workers will follow and leave destruction as they expand their territory and colony.

Termite Prevention

There are a few things you can do to help prevent termites for finding your home a tasty treat. Inspect your roof, gutters, and home for leaks. If termites find a moisture problem, it will allow them to survive above ground.  Store firewood away from any wooden structure to keep a safe barrier. If you are storing any wood or boxes in your crawl space, make sure to remove them and make sure the keep the space ventilated so it can stay dry. Use mesh screens on any windows, doors, and ventilation opening to prevent most pest from entering there.

How Do I Know If I Have Termites?

It’s hard to determine if you have termites because they are so secretive. You might see wings, mud tunnels the width of a pencil or see hollowed out wood the width of a pencil, which are all signs of termites, but you might not. The best way to ensure you are staying ahead of the termites is to have your home inspected yearly and have our pest professionals provide you with a preventative pest control plan. We’ll keep termites from living with you by creating a barrier to keep your home safe and sound.