Guide to A Mouse-Free Home

Mice are a common problem for many Des Moines-area homeowners in the winter months. These harmful pests spread diseases and can damage your home. Mice tend to enter homes as it gets colder so now is the perfect time to take some preventative measures to keep your home mouse-free.

Mouse Prevention Indoors

  • Clean! Check the gaps between your appliances, under your refrigerator and under your furniture for crumbs. Mice can get into very small spaces and have a strong sense of smell – so they may seek out crumbs in these tight spaces.
  • Store your dried foods (cereal, flour, grains, etc.) in plastic, metal or glass containers.
  • Remove any other sources of food and water that mice could access. Clean up any spilled food in cupboards and ensure that pet food is kept inaccessible to mice.
  • Eliminate places that mice could find shelter. Clear out boxes and clutter in basements, closets and storage areas. Use shelving to keep storage items off the floor.
  • Don’t forget to check your garage as well – things like birdseed and old boxes can lead to a mouse making itself at home.
  • Some say that peppermint oil can prevent mice from entering your home, although results are mixed. The recommended way to use peppermint oil to deter mice is to put 5 drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball in areas where the mice may enter your home (be sure the cotton balls are not in areas where a child or pet could accidentally access them). The cotton balls will need to be refreshed every 2 weeks.

Mouse Prevention Outdoors

  • Keep your garbage can lid tightly sealed.
  • Remove clutter and debris that can provide a haven for mice.
  • Keep grass and shrubs around your house trimmed.
  • Seal openings. This can be the toughest task to complete, but the most effective. Mice typically only need about ¼ inch wide opening to get into your home. Check your foundation and the areas around the doors and windows for any holes and seal them. You can use steel wool, sheet metal, cement mortar or a patching compound to fill the holes.

These tips should help prevent mice from entering your home. However, if you have seen evidence of mice in your home, let us help you get rid of them. We have many techniques and resources for pest control and can customize our treatments to fit your needs. Contact us now for a consultation!